Healthcare Use Cases

Patient Health Data

OwlDQ scans patient data and learns each humans individual characteristics. It’s predictive capabilities can be used as an early warning detection system for patient vitals. Owl automatically calibrates the upper and lower thresholds of each patients vitals, understands the variation, and applies adaptive rules.

Auto Curate Visuals

We had a group of patients who suffered near fatal incidents that could and should have been avoided. We wanted put a safeguard in place to protect from these mishaps in the future. We installed OwlDQ and within 10 mins it found anomalies that surpassed our teams findings. Owl curated a visual that showed both a heatmap and time-series trend to illustrate when the issue was introduced. It turns out our machines were sometimes mis calibrated and with Owl this will never go uncaught again.

Know the Unknown...

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