Bank Lending Use Cases

Mortgage Loan

It is common for banks to lend money in return for monthly payments with interest. However to do so a bank must make sure that the applications are valid and wellformed to begin the underwriting and approval process. Below we will apply some basic lending concepts to OwlDQ.

  • Credit Score Validation
  • SSN Validation
  • Loan to Value Validation
  • Interest Rate Validation
  • Duplicate Loan Applications
  • Loan Amount Validation
  • Loan Completeness Validation

Auto Loans, Refinances

Using Owl we found that we had duplicate loans in our system. In some cases we were offering interest rates that did not match to the applicant's credit rating. It took a variety of techniques to put an entire loan DQ program in place but we could solve the end to end problem with OwlDQ.


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