For a list our OwlDQ's upcoming features see our roadmap

Capabilities OwlDQ Description
Active Directory Users, Groups, Roles. Use your existing user logins with OwlWeb UI integration
LDAP Mechanism supported
OAuth Supported
SAML Supported
SSL Secure certificate transport supported
Kerberos MIT Kerb, kinit, tickets for spark expiration, users and fids all supported
ACLs Supported
Encryption All data can be encrypted at rest with 1 admin setting
Masking Any data column but commonly used for Pii fields can be masked with 1 click
DQ Features
Pattern Mining Most powerful DQ feature on the market, requires some user interaction
Behavioral Detection Automatic. No user input required
Relationship Analysis Automatic. No user input required
Outlier Detection Automatic and tunable both numerical and categorical
Data Shape Findings Automatic. No user input required
Rules User input driven
Complex Rules User input driven
Auto Rules Email, Zip, SSN, EIN, Credit Cards, Numbers, Dates, States, many more
Duplicates Exact and Fuzzy Matching
Missing Records Automatic
Schema Changes Automatic
Profiling Automatic
Multi-tenancy Ability to scale out user groups, LOBs without installing. Does not mingle user data.
Containerized Runs in docker containers and Kubernetes. Can be boot strapped to EMR
Notebooks Runs Spark/Scala notebooks and in Databricks


Have our expert team come on site and analyze your data

  • Pilot

  • 10 business days with Owl team building DQ pipelines and proving value
  • $50,000
  • Trial license
  • 10 Business Days On Site
  • 2 Owl Resources
  • Up to 6 Datasets Analyzed (< 2 TB)
  • Full Diagnostic Report of Issues
  • License

  • Datasets Under Full Quality Mgmt
  • Term Lic / yearly
  • Owl Web UI
  • Owl DQ Engine
  • 24/5 Support
  • Training
  • Custom Integrations, Work-flows
  • Spark-API, REST-API, CmdLine-API
  • DQaaS

  • Data Quality as a Service Offering
  • Term Lic / yearly
    Hosting / monthly
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Scale up and down with data demands
  • 24/5 Support
  • Managed Upgrades

*All enterprises are unique and have varying data goals. The prices and services above act as a guideline.